FiFTH Video Services Info:

FiFTH Video offers something for everyone at a great value. We offer high-quality service at competitive prices. Look through the Video packages and call our customer service representatives to choose the option that's right for you.

Basic Video
FiFTH's Limited basic package offers a variety of news, entertainment, sports and educational programming at a good value.

Digital Video
Digital Video over fiber-optic lines is an exclusive, cutting-edge technology that is available in only a few American communities. FiFTH currently is hooking up Lincoln County homes to Video through fiber.

Using our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, FiFTH will transform the way you experience television. FiFTH has an extensive channel lineup as well as an interactive program guide. With FiFTH, you get eye-popping color and vivid sound, amazingly sharp pictures and a TV experience worth bragging to your neighbors about.

Package & Service Rates
Limited Basic $16.99
Expansion Pak $55.99
Digital Plus Pak $69.99
Movie Paks
It's Showtime $15.99
Starz $15.99
Box Office Pak $15.99
CineMax Pak $15.99
HBO/CineMax Combo Pak $26.99
Pay Per View
inDemand Priced
Per Event

·Connection of Existing Coaxial Position $20.00
·New Coaxial Position Installation $45.00
·Residential Video Reconnect Fee $25.00
(If suspended for non-payment)
·Non Sufficient Funds Fee $30.00
·Video Change Of Service $20.00
(No Premise Visit Required)
·Video Premise Visit Charge $40.00
·Residential Video Ordering Charge $15.00
·Inside Wire Maintenance Single Service $4.00
·Inside Wire Maintenance Multi-Service $6.00
MultiFunction Remote (Replacement) $14.95
Set Top Box Monthly Rental $8.95
Multistream Card Available For Customer Owned Host $4.99
DVR Recording Function $7.95

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