Business Phones

Wilkes Communications has all of the answers for your business communications needs. We offer free consultations at your business to help determine your specific communications needs and to work with you in determining the best overall solution. Please contact your business account representative at 706-678-9590 to discuss your needs. We sell, service, and install the top rated phone systems in the world today, the Norstar by Nortel.

Terminal T7208 Business Series Terminal T7208: Business Series Terminal T7208 is an enhanced-level, multi-line telephone with an integrated LCD. It is intended for moderate call volume users such as office professionals and technical specialists.
Business Series Terminal T7316E: Nortel Business Series Terminals T7316E is a full-featured, expandable, multi-line telephone that has a two-line, 16-character-per-line display that is menu driven and supported by three context-sensitive soft keys. The T7316E provides access to 24 memory buttons, 16 of which include multi-segment icons for fast and precise decision making. It is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. Typical users include supervisors, managers, executives, and other business professionals. Terminal T7316E
Terminal T7316E + T24 KIM Business Series Terminal T7316E + T24 KIM: As the M7324+CAP replacement, the Nortel Business Series Terminal Central Answering Position (BST CAP) embodies the same high quality, flexibility and expandability you have come to expect from Nortel. It is ergonomically designed to ensure administrative assistants, receptionists and emergency contact center personnel distribute calls more efficiently. By attaching up to four T24 Key Indicator Modules (KIMs) directly to a T7316E, users can elevate their operations while maintaining exceptional customer service. The result is an elegant desktop telephone solution ready to transform the pace and efficiency of any business operation while maintaining exceptional customer service standards.
Business Series Terminals T7100: Business Series Terminal T7100 is an entry level, single-line telephone designed for public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, break rooms, or other locations where use is occasional. Terminals T7100
Digital Doorphone Digital Doorphone: The Norstar Doorphone enables office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a business. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar system rings the designated phone(s) in an office and allows two-way conversation. The optional Door Opening Controller enables any Norstar phone to control a latch on a door or a gate.