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Dycom Holding, Inc.

(Dycom), a holding company formed in 1991, is the parent company for a group of telecommunications companies including Wilkes Telephone & Electric Company, Wilkes Communications Inc., Wilkes Cellular Inc. and Wilkes Data Services, Inc.. Dycom is headquartered in Washington, Georgia at 11 Court Street.

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DYCOM Continues To Lead The Way

DYCOM is keeping pace with the fast-changing telecommunications industry with the latest technology and equipment. Employees are continually trained to ensure they provide customers with all the benefits from the latest technology. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced features and services available and to do so in a friendly and personal manner. Thank you for allowing us to provide your total communications needs.

While There Are Many Benefits Of Local Companies, These Stand Out Above All Others:

  • You get a personal commitment. Your services are provided by friends and neighbors with a personal interest in the community and your satisfaction.
  • We invest in our community. As a local firm, money spent on salaries, buildings, etc. stays in the community, thereby increasing employment and further stimulating the local economy.
  • The management are local leaders who oversee the operation of the local phone company.